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Map Support - Purchased Used

Brock's Performance DIRECT Support Program




Use this form if you purchased your exhaust system USED or purchased a used bike from a dealer or individual with a Brock's Performance exhaust system already installed.


Please Note: Brock’s Performance map and technical support programs are provided to customers owning Brock’s Performance full exhaust systems only. Brock's Performance map support is not available for any other brand of exhaust system. Generally, Brock's Performance slip-on systems do not require mapping, although there are a few exceptions as noted in the drop downs below.


Important: Even if your Brock's Performance Slip-On does not qualify for map support, this form must be completed to obtain private forum access.


NOT following directions will results in your request being DENIED.
1. Purchase your Data Transfer now if you have not already - CLICK HERE

Brock’s Performance DIRECT support programs are 100% TRANSFERABLE for a $25 database update fee. If you own a Brock’s Performance exhaust system, we want you to have every available resource as if you purchased the system brand new. This includes: unlimited lifetime map support, access to our private forums, our technical support programs etc., for as long as you own your exhaust. Whether it was originally purchased directly through a Brock’s Performance authorized dealer, a private party, or even through eBay.


Upon payment/approval of this request you will: receive maps and information via e-mail, have registered your exhaust purchase into our database, and obtained access to the private areas of our forums - all in one easy process.


2. You must be a registered user of our Forum - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Attention: Before completing the map support request form, you will be directed to another page to register in our information forum and choose a Forum Username. (Please write down/remember your chosen Forum Username before returning here.) Enter your Forum Username in the center of the red box below. Forms submitted without a valid Forum Username will be rejected and no maps will be sent.



Step 3. Forum Information
Please enter your forum username after registering in our forums
Forum Username*



Step 4. Purchaser Information

Our secure system requires a matching full exhaust system purchase for each map sent. If the exhaust was purchased new, directly from Brock's Performance or a Brock's Performance authorized dealer, please enter the name of the purchaser below (yourself, wife, girlfriend, friend, etc...) Purchase verification or a photo of the exhaust may be required to obtain support.

YOUR NAME (Current Exhaust Owner) and CONTACT INFO: To be transfered into our database as the new exhaust owner.

First Name*
Last Name*
Address Line1*
Address Line 2
 Zip Code*
Phone Number*
(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Fax Number
Email Address*

Is your email address correct? if it's incorrect we will not receive your request.    



Step 5. We need the following information to determine previous exhaust owner and properly transfer ownership.

Please fill out as much of the information below as possible, if you do not know the previous owner's info, your ownership can still be verified by sending a photo to the link below. Additional information such as an eBay reciept or forum link can also be dropped into the comments box at the end of this form.


PREVIOUS OWNERS NAME and CONTACT INFO: Note: This is not required but GREATLY SPEEDS the verification process and the arrival of your maps.


Phone Number
Address - Line 1
Address - Line 2

 Zip Code




Step 6. Map Request Information
We need the following information to properly reply to your request for a map.
Bike Year/Brand/Type*

= If Other

Brock's Performance Exhaust Type*
If Other (For more information on Hindle map support, click here.)
Baffle Inserts*
If Other
Fuel Injection Control Unit*

If Other (For more information on Bazzaz map support, click here.)

ECU Re-Flash*
I would like*
Ignition Control*
If Aftermarket/Other
Grom/Z125 Intake Kit
If Other
V-Twin Intake Kit
If Other
Primary Use*
Stock Engine* (If No, proceed to Step 7. If Yes, scroll down to submit)




If you have a stock engine and occasionally visit the race track, scroll down to SUBMIT NOW!!



Step 7. Modification Information


Engine Displacement
If Brock's Cams, please give us the Intake Grind# and Exhaust # -- If other, type in a lift and duration in the spaces provided.
Intake Number Exhaust Number
Fuel system
Throttle Bodies
Nitrous Oxide
If Other
Removable Baffle in Use?

Please include any and all information pertaining to mapping or your purchase in this area. You do not need to fill out a new map request form to ask questions. Simply reply to any e-mail arriving to you from Brock's Performance or visit our contact us page.




Thank you for registering your Brock’s Performance exhaust system. Your map (or maps) will arrive to you via e-mail as soon as this form is received and approved. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FREQUENTLY. Please click here for additional information and map support FAQs (frequently asked questions).

Thank you!
Your map(s) will be sent as soon as possible.
Brock's Performance Map Support Staff