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BST Carbon Fiber Wheel (38 FAQs)

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What is the difference between wet lay-up and the Prepreg construction, as used in BST wheels?
Can my BST hubs swap to a different motorcycle?
What performance gains can I expect on my bike by changing to BST wheels?
How much safer are BST carbon fiber wheels than standard wheels?
BST: How does carbon fiber compare with Magnesium and Aluminum alloys?
What is the weight of the BST carbon fiber wheels for the 08 Yamaha R1?
Where can I find BST Wheel Bearing Installation and/or Replacement Instructions?
If my BST wheel is damaged, can it be fixed?
How much stronger are BST Carbon fiber Wheels than conventional wheels?
Can I use tire warmers on my Carbon Fiber (BST or Rotobox) wheels?
How do I set up my bike for fast road riding with BST wheels - tire pressure and suspension settings?
How should I fit the tires to the BST wheels?
What weight are the BST wheels designed to carry?
What do BST wheels include once purchased?
After an accident, how will I know if my BST wheel is still safe and usable?
What are the physical properties of Prepreg Carbon fiber that make it particularly suitable for BST wheels?
Why are there slight irregularities in BST wheels?
I have 2010 BMW S1000RR. 1: the OEM discs bolt onto the carriers, as shown in the picture? Basically, will the stock front and rear brake discs directly bolt on? 2: the wheels do come as shown in the picture? (Othen than the bearings)? 3: Does every wheel have the "Brock's Performance" logo on them? Or are there rims available with only BST logo (manufacturer)?
Do BST wheels have TUV certification?
How are the BST hubs fitted to the carbon part of the wheel?

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Are there any special procedures to be followed when mounting tires onto Rotobox or BST carbon fiber wheels equipped with anti-slip rim treatment?
Had a new tire installed. He asked when I last had the BST carbon fiber wheels inspected. They have a 2002 date sticker and are on 2004 Ducati 998. Do they need to be checked? thanks
Have a set of the carbon fiber and I cracked my front rim but air is not coming out can it be fixed and if so how much
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