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Last Update : 2012/12/10
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Question / Issue
Does Brock's Performance provide Dry Nitrous Map Support?

Answer / Solution

Dry Nitrous Mapping is Not Supported (but we do have suggestions) as well as Wet Nitrous Mapping Explained.

Brock’s Performance does not recommend or endorse the use of dry nitrous oxide **AT ALL**

If you had received as many phone calls as we have about destroyed engines, melted heads, damaged crankshafts, etc… (many after using dry nitrous for the very first time) then you might think twice about using it also. There is no way we can be convinced that all 4 cylinders receive the same amount of nitrous when using a typical dry nitrous kit fogging the air box. Of course, if you get ANY nitrous to an engine it will go faster… for a while. But, if cylinder #2 is making 15 hp more than cylinder #1, the associated harmonics can be very hard on the engine (especially bearing) life.

We found this out after inventing our showerhead distribution blocks on Pro Mod bikes years ago. Once we stabilized the exhaust gas temperature (before the showerheads, 400 degrees difference between cylinders was common?!) the bikes went faster and lived longer.  That being said, it would not be truthful for us to say that we don’t have some customers using dry nitrous with good results. We have had some decent results ourselves. BUT, they are hit and miss. For each one that is good, we see one (or more) go bad.  We believe simple dry nitrous kit use is like playing Russian roulette; if you want to play this game, it’s up to you, but we won’t load the bullet in the chamber for you...

We no longer provide any map support, what-so-ever, for dry nitrous use. There are many kit manufacturers on the market who will provide base settings.  We would suggest trying the safest/lowest power ratings as a starting point, and would also suggest using a high-octane fuel to start. We recommend VP C16 to be exceptionally safe. Always remember, there are no small nitrous problems. It either works great and you are smiling ear to ear, or something goes wrong, and your engine is broken.

We recommend wet nitrous for consistent performance with good engine life or a purpose built dry kit installed and tuned by a professional.  FYI:  Wet Nitrous kits do not require map changes to the fuel curve, but could require ignition timing changes in some instances.

If you simply must have dry nitrous, you may click on this link to see how we recommend it to be used:

Good Luck, Go FAST and RIDE SAFE!

Brock's Staff

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