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Why has my FI light started coming on when the bike is decelerating? I cut the wires at the pressure switch for the clutch (so I could start the bike without pulling the clutch in).
My Suzuki GSX-R1000 (Or Hayabusa) misses and stalls abruptly when I pull the clutch lever in – Do I need a Map? Is my Power Commander bad?
I've been using the map that was sent to me and I checked my plugs and it appears that I'm running on the lean side of things. There's some detonation going on and it's causing the plugs to loosen. I'm running 93 octane pump, should I switch to 100 octane?
I have the Muzzy Dry shot system on my ZX-14 with a Schnitz window switch. I have it set up to come on at 97% TPS and 8250 to 11000rpm. The flies are removed,and I have a BMC Filter. For Drag events I have been using an Australian made Race Fuel Martini 110 (Ron 109.6, Mon 100, SG .840,Oxygen 3.5%.)I have used the Dry Shot at one event and I added 10% more fuel at 100% TPS from 8 to 11000 rpm on my current map. Would you suggest that I remove the nitrous? Which map would you suggest I use for the track with or without the Nos? Could I use leaded fuel in the bike just for drag events?
Brock's, Please advise, I own an 2005 Busa 1394cc with a MTC Multi-stage Lock-Up, a MTC billet clutch basket and MTC inner hub. I want to stop using my lock-up and switch to your Clutch Cushion Kit instead; however, I want to keep using my MTC basket and inner hub. (Note that I have already purchased your clutch cushion kit #270500 and clutch spring spacer kit .280 thick #270435.) My question is, do I use your Clutch Cushion Kit HD and XHD springs and your Clutch Spring Spacer Kit .280 Thick together with my MTC hub and basket? I ask because I read Dragbike's March 21, 2003 "BDE Hayabusa Clutch Cushion System" article which mentions to use your "S13-CCK-MTC" with MTC lock-up unit. I am guessing that the nomenclature, "S13-CCK-MTC" is now your Clutch Spring Spacer Kit #270435; is this correct? Additionally, I read in the overview section of your Clutch Spring Spacer Kit .280 Thick, that it too mentions using with a MTC Inner Hub. Thanks much for any advise provided.
What is Savage Mode?
Hello, I have a 2013 ZX14R and was wondering what kind of gains I should expect when switching to the DNA air filter that you sell?
I have a 2000 1397 with Brock pipe and mods. The bike ran great for years. All of a sudden the bike runs really bad when I give it half to full throttle when the temperature gage gets to about the half mark. It fills like the off switch is being cut off & on until I back off the throttle. The last time I rode it I noticed when my gas was below a quarter of tank it was a lot worst under normal riding. What do you think the problem is? Thanks
I want to install a wrist kill switch on my Ninja H2, do you know which wire to cut?
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