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Can you send me a map with the secondary throttle plates removed for a GSX-R1000? Also does Pair valve sucker mod in place mean that the Pair valve has been removed?
I have removed the secondary butterflies on my GSXR 1000, will this affect the map for NOS and MRX01? Also, if I wanted to run pump gas most of the time and MRX01 in grudge matches would the map need changing or should I get it dyno tuned to be on the safe side anyway?
After approval, do I need to fill out a previously approved map support form every time I would like to request a new map?
I have a '07 ZX14 and I'm considering your Street Meg pipe but have a few questions. 1)I already have a PC3 Power Commander and the secondary throttle plates out(map 011),what horsepower and torque gain can I expect after remapping with your pipe? 2)What is the cost including shipping to Edmonton,Ab.Canada including all fees? 3)Does a full system have an advantage over slip-ons other than weight saving?
Do I need to remove the flies on my 2008-09 ZX-14 for maximum performance? I read on the Internet that the flies are opened at the same rate as adding a TRE 008 to the earlier model ZX 14's, so there is no reason to bother removing the flies?
Do you have or recommend a ZX-14 smog valve removal kit that helps my bike's performance? I have a full Brock system, Power Commander, BMC filter, and secondary plates removed.
ZX-14 Smog / Pair Valve Block Off 
I have a 2008 Hayabusa with the following items; Power Commander with your supplied Map, Air Shifter, Brock’s Exhaust system. I'm running 9.4 the 1/4 of mile. Someone told me that the ignition module is necessary to run below the 9 seconds. Can you provide some advice?
I have a 2008 ZX-10R with nitrous oxide that makes 216 RWHP. Will removing the secondary butterflies give me a performance gain? Also, what can I do to the clutch setup to help achieve a better 60 foot time?
I just purchased a 2005 GSXR-1000 from a private seller. He said that it had a Short Meg Full Brocks Exhaust system but I honestly don't know how to tell if its the full exhaust or a slip on, is there a way to tell by looking at it? Secondly the F1 light is continuously on as I ride and I'm assuming they didn't install it correctly so is there a way to deactivate that light so that its not always on? Thirdly occasionally as I ride I can hear some small pops as I decelerate and was trying to figure out how to fix it... The bike also has a Power Commander V with what I was told was the appropriate map for the exhaust and the intake installed. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks
I notice a huge difference in the Pump Gas Track map fuel added at 100% throttle starting at around 7k rpm's compared to the other maps. Is this correct?
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