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Is it safe to ride my bike until my new maps arrive?
I just put an Ultra Clutch Mod in a 08 GSX-R1000. The lever releases too close to the bar. It rides like a dirt bike, two fingers on bar, two on lever. What can I do to make it release further out?
I bought a 07 ZX-14 and would like the low end power gain. I would like your recommendation on pipe, your mapping, and flies removed. I am in Colorado and ride through the mountains from time to time, please advise for I am confused.
I just purchased a 2005 GSXR-1000 from a private seller. He said that it had a Short Meg Full Brocks Exhaust system but I honestly don't know how to tell if its the full exhaust or a slip on, is there a way to tell by looking at it? Secondly the F1 light is continuously on as I ride and I'm assuming they didn't install it correctly so is there a way to deactivate that light so that its not always on? Thirdly occasionally as I ride I can hear some small pops as I decelerate and was trying to figure out how to fix it... The bike also has a Power Commander V with what I was told was the appropriate map for the exhaust and the intake installed. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks
How is the less than zero weight oil going to perform on the street? I do still ride on the street some.
What gearing would you suggest on a 2007 GSX-R 1000 with a full pipe, all stock, 153lbs rider trying to go 920's if possible.
I just put my ZX-14 back together. The head is ported by Spaz and I degreed the cams. Also has JE 13.5:1 pistons and Carrillo rods. Smeg, flies out, BMC race filter. I put the SS map you sent me in and used 93 pump gas. It starts and idles great but I tried to take it for a ride and it was bogging and dying on me bad. I thought it was too rich, but pulled a plug and it was very clean, looks lean?! I am just trying to convince myself there's nothing wrong with it and it just needs mapped. Is there anything else that could be causing this that I can check.
After my ride today I noticed that the end of my exhaust pipe was wet with a very watery substance. Normally it is dry more like soot. I was wondering what could this be caused by?
What is your opinion on going down 1 tooth in front and up 1 tooth in the rear on my ZX-14. I have never done any track racing but wanted the most seat of you pants feel but still ride everyday.
I recently had Block Off plates installed and emissions removed and added a K&N air filter on my ZX14. I just wanted to know, do I need to change the map or am I still good running the No Sec Street map? Also I ride all year and temps are starting to stay below 40, does that require any MAP modifications? I use my bike for just about every type of riding but going to the track. I will do roll-ons until I hit the top end.
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