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Would Brock’s Performance create an ECU flash with ignition timing so aggressive that I would be forced to run race gas all of the time?
The shift light on the 2012 ZX-14R can only be set to a max of 11,000 rpm. The ECU flash that you offer raises the rev-limiter, so does the flash also give you the ability to set the shift light past 11,000 rpm?
ECU reflash shift light 
Adding a dynojet ignition module to my pcv will my tuner be able to achieve similar results as a pcv with a guhl reflash ecu ?
If I don't want to put your exhaust and PC5 on at this time, can I still flash the ECU on the stock bike (ZX-14R) to get rid of the safe mode and increase the max rpm, etc.?
I have an 08 ZX-14 with a ShortMeg, secondaries removed, tre, BMC race air filter, and a PC5 with Brock's map. My question is will a Brock's flashed ECU help me pick up more power?
I'm interested in getting my stock ECU flashed for my 2014 CBR1000RR. I have a full akrapovic exhaust system with a Bazzaz Zfi TC and a Bazzaz Z-bomb. Will I still have to run my fuel controller after the ECU is flashed?
I'm from France and was interested in your ECU reflash for the ZX-14R. I've heard the keys are coded with the ECU. If I get the ECU reflash, will I have to reprogram the keys to my bike?
I have a bone stock 06 zx14. Would you remove the flies and remap, or get the ecu reflash and leave the flies in ? Or do both remove flies and reflash ecu ? I understand the reflash has come a long way since the flies thing. I also will be installing a full exhaust system also. thank-you for your time.
few months ago i set the ecu at the brock's performance. my bike got a engine problem and it's still under kawasaki warranty. but to use warranty repair i need the original setting. so can you set the ecu back to original setting? if it's possible what will the charge be?
Return ECU to stock for warranty 
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