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How do I register my Brock's Performance Exhaust System, receive Map Support and gain access to the StreetSmart Owners Section (Private) - all in one step?
Can I purchase Brock's Performance custom maps to download and get more HP?
The Speedo Healer for my 2008 Hayabusa didn’t work around the stock speed limiter. The product is installed and working properly as far as I can tell. I can program in different % offsets and the speedo reacts like it should, but the bike ran 180MPH in 6th gear on the dyno and signed off.
Does Brock's offer a military discount on products?
I own a stock 06 Limited Busa and want a street legal exhaust with a drag exhaust sound, without all the hustle of juice boxes, or dyno tests, just an easy bolt on and go product. What do you recommend?
I've have an 08 turbo Hayabusa. What action do you advise that I take in order to to see the bikes speed once I pass the limit of the speedometer, which is 180 mph? I understand there is a product available that corrects the inaccurate speed displayed.
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