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I have a Brock's Performance exhaust system and no receipt. What do I do to gain access to the owners group and mapping?
Used exhaust purchase, owners group access 
How do I register my Brock's Performance Exhaust System, receive Map Support and gain access to the StreetSmart Owners Section (Private) - all in one step?
How do I obtain map support for a USED Brock's Performance exhaust system?
How do I gain access to Brock's Private StreetSmart Owners Section?
Good morning Brock and Staff, I own a 2013 ZX-14R I bought a couple of bolt ons from you so far as I did with my Busa..anyway the bike has a Akropovic system on it (installed by original owner), I would like to put a Brocks can on it, either alien head or CT, do you know if I can install this can on this system? Thank you Marc Goldberg
Is there a O2 sensor hole in the alien head system I've ordered for my 2015 ZX14R?? Ps there was no sub menu for 2015 only 2006/2012. I have watched this vid by Ben @ Brocks Performance many times & there is no mention of it. Also if you have not seen it is a MUST watch for any 14R owner wanting to remove there body work for the 1st time
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