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Would Brock’s Performance create an ECU flash with ignition timing so aggressive that I would be forced to run race gas all of the time?
I have a full brocks shortmeg exhaust fitted on my bike with a K&N air filter, PC5 with your custom map downloaded on my 2007 GSX-R 1000. I recently had Don Guhl Flash my ECU. He recommended that I remove the TRE. I was just wondering if that was correct? Also, do I now need to have the bike tuned on a dyno?
Adding a dynojet ignition module to my pcv will my tuner be able to achieve similar results as a pcv with a guhl reflash ecu ?
I have a 2015 zx14 with full alien head , pcv , and guhl flash ( only 260 miles on it ) and a 2013 zx14 with full alien head , pcv. Both are lowered and are pretty much identical. But the 2013 seems to be running a bit crisper per say vs the 2015 . Another point is I had a 2012 with the same setup and it runs like my 2013 , you start up and it idles a little rough ( up and down) but smooths out . The 2015 starts up and runs like it did stock , my question is , did they change or add something that I over looked ? The 2015 seems to be running a bit rich also ? It just don't seem as quick as my other 12,13 did.
I have a 2007 ZX14 with a full alien head exhaust, K&N air filter, PCIII power commander, and the Guhl flash ECU. Will it benefit me in HP gain and top speed to pull the secondary flies or does it matter with the Guhl flash ECU? Also is there a better air filter out there than the K&N?
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