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Would Brock’s Performance create an ECU flash with ignition timing so aggressive that I would be forced to run race gas all of the time?
I have a Streetsmart 3 system with PC/USB for my Hayabusa. The rev limiter seems to kick in at 9500 and then the FI light flashes. I checked the trouble codes and get 32-35 which correspond to injector malfunction in all 4 cylinders, but the bike is running great. Any idea on what's going on?
I just installed Brocks ct dual full system on my 2013 zx14r. it had a pcv with an all 0 map in it.(dealer installed as well as alien head slippons I replaced with the full system) I road it to work (40 miles each way) for 2 days, and played with all types of standing starts,roll-ons, etc and was grinning from ear to ear. I received three maps from Brocks, street pump gas---track pump gas---, and track race gas. We installed the street pump gas map at work were I have multiple laptops and a computer guru(which I am not). I then road the 40 miles home trying to make legitimate comparisons to the "no map" acceleration test from the two days before. I realize that seat of the pants can be deceiving, but I've been riding and racing for 54 years. With that said, the bike now seems to be fluffy or soft between about 3000 and 5500 rpm in roll-ons. If you leave hard from a standing start it seems to pull right through. I know the flies can enter into this, but why would it seem to do better with "no map" than the street map. It was rainy and very humid that first day of test. I rode to work, today, it is cool and dry it and "seemed" to do much better.Should I try the pump gas race map, is my seat of the pants dyno all wrong, could the weather affect it that much, your thoughts and or your instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration. cordially, Robby Byrd
I have a new 08 Hayabusa and added the following; Alien Head Exhaust, Power Commander USB III (Brock’s Track map), O2 sensor jumper, Cycle-Tek airshifter. A few days ago when I was using my airshifter I the FI light started flashing. When I shut the bike off it won’t start and when I wait for 10 minutes it starts. I also ordered a new Power Commander, to see if my current one is the issue.
In regards to the Ninja H2 full exhaust system, what type of gains could I expect over my current setup? Here are a list of my mods; No Cat & Slip-on, ECU Flash (14K rev limit), DNA Filter, PC5 Tuned. It made 186hp with a 1.21 correction factor in Albuquerque stock and 238hp with my current mods (1.19 correction factor). What gains will the full system net me?
H2 Full Exhaust Gains 
2012 Kawasaki ZX14R with CT dual quiet core, ECU with Brock flash, PCV with pump gas street map. My problems are bike stuttering when I cruise around 3000 to 5000rpm. When this happened it sounded as if it is going to a near deceleration pop ( I had the PAIR block with the red cap provided). The bike also increase fuel consumption overall. My question: 1: is it normal? Because no problem with high rev (rpm) 2: is it the cause of leakage? Due to Improper mount of the exhaust by my mechanic? 3: should I change to race air filter to minimize or solve the problem? ( I already ordered from you waiting for shipment) 4: my bike is California spec. Should I get rid of the charcoal canister? 5: in Taiwan we have 98 and 95 gasoline , Kawasaki recommended using 95 and above. I always use 98, should I change to 95? 6: could it be due to the PCV map corrupted because of improper map loading?
I have a full brocks shortmeg exhaust fitted on my bike with a K&N air filter, PC5 with your custom map downloaded on my 2007 GSX-R 1000. I recently had Don Guhl Flash my ECU. He recommended that I remove the TRE. I was just wondering if that was correct? Also, do I now need to have the bike tuned on a dyno?
If I don't want to put your exhaust and pc5 on my ZX-14R at this time, can I still flash the ecu on the stock bike to get rid of the safe mode and increase the max rpm etc.?
May I use an ECU flash or editor with my Brock's exhaust system?
The shift light on the 2012 ZX-14R can only be set to a max of 11,000 rpm. The ECU flash that you offer raises the rev-limiter, so does the flash also give you the ability to set the shift light past 11,000 rpm?
ECU reflash shift light 
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