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How do I obtain map support for a USED Brock's Performance exhaust system?
I own a stock 06 Limited Busa and want a street legal exhaust with a drag exhaust sound, without all the hustle of juice boxes, or dyno tests, just an easy bolt on and go product. What do you recommend?
I'm considering whether to buy a CT Megaphone Full System 17" Muffler ZX-14 (06-12). The reason I'm considering is because of the oil plug and oil filter. Is it necessary to take off the muffler when I change the oil and filter? If there isn't a problem I would buy this exhaust system(Brock's mufflers are very cool).
Easy oil filter change 
What is the best pump gas to run with a stock motor, Sidewinder, and your maps. Have you figured an easy way to drain fuel from the tank?
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