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How do I get a map for my power commander?
Why was I was sent PC3 USB maps when I have a PCV?
My Suzuki GSX-R1000 (Or Hayabusa) misses and stalls abruptly when I pull the clutch lever in – Do I need a Map? Is my Power Commander bad?
Will I lose the map in my Power Commander if I unhook my battery?
Lose my PC map 
If you replace your stock pipe with an aftermarket pipe, would a power commander be necessary?
I have the air box mod instructions for my GEN 1 Hayabusa. I don't have a Power Commander, but wanted to know if this modification would improve my mileage and horsepower. I have OEM air filter and Yoshimura Bling 22 4-into-2 exhaust.
What are the expected gains going from stock everything to a Brock's Full Exhaust and PCV with Map in a GSX-R1000? I know there are a few more factors involved in this equation but I would like rough estimate. Thanks
Can you run a full exhaust with out a power commander or bazzaz box... or do you just need these for oxygen sensor bypass?
Can I use older PC3 USB maps in the newer PCV Power Commanders?
I have a 1070 with head and cams. The cams are 394 intake with 750 intake cam on the exhaust side. I need a map for this setup with your sidewinder pipe.
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