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How do I get a map for my power commander?
I am running the PC ignition module on my 2006 Hayabusa. I was planning to use C12 but may also use C16 fuel because of a wet nitrous system I am using on a stock motor with an aftermarket fuel system. If you have maps for both I'd appreciate it. Race application is Land Speed. We're still working it out & planning. I am hoping to fire it up at the end of the weekend.
Doe's Brocks Performance in Dayton, Oh. have a credit line, or application for credit.... if I want to finance a Header for my bike ?
I participate in land speed racing events and have exceeded 220mph. I am finding out my brake pads cannot withstand the heat on the big end. How do the Carbone Lorraine pads you sell hold up in high heat applications and what would your recommendation be?
Brake Pads 
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