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Regardless of the style/type of lowering links you offer, do I need to additionally purchase a shortened kickstand? I'm looking at the adjustable models for racing - will the stock kickstand still support the bike if I have dropped the rear?
After approval, do I need to fill out a previously approved map support form every time I would like to request a new map?
Brock's, Please advise, I own an 2005 Busa 1394cc with a MTC Multi-stage Lock-Up, a MTC billet clutch basket and MTC inner hub. I want to stop using my lock-up and switch to your Clutch Cushion Kit instead; however, I want to keep using my MTC basket and inner hub. (Note that I have already purchased your clutch cushion kit #270500 and clutch spring spacer kit .280 thick #270435.) My question is, do I use your Clutch Cushion Kit HD and XHD springs and your Clutch Spring Spacer Kit .280 Thick together with my MTC hub and basket? I ask because I read Dragbike's March 21, 2003 "BDE Hayabusa Clutch Cushion System" article which mentions to use your "S13-CCK-MTC" with MTC lock-up unit. I am guessing that the nomenclature, "S13-CCK-MTC" is now your Clutch Spring Spacer Kit #270435; is this correct? Additionally, I read in the overview section of your Clutch Spring Spacer Kit .280 Thick, that it too mentions using with a MTC Inner Hub. Thanks much for any advise provided.
What is the hp gain from adding your dual slipons to a stock zx14 with the flies out?
Slip-on horsepower 
I purchased (ordered through local dealer) a new full Titanium system with CT Meg and a PC V with street tune for my zx 14r 2012 everything is great, no issues. Q; If I install a BMC race filter will any additional tune be needed? Q; If I install Velocity Stacks (23mm) will additional tune be needed. I like the intake howl thus the reason for the VS install. Extra feed back on this welcomed. TY
Mapping changes 
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