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I have a Brock's Performance exhaust system and no receipt. What do I do to gain access to the owners group and mapping?
Used exhaust purchase, owners group access 
How do I register my Brock's Performance Exhaust System, receive Map Support and gain access to the StreetSmart Owners Section (Private) - all in one step?
Why do I have to choose a forum username to receive maps?
How do I gain access to Brock's Private StreetSmart Owners Section?
Brock this may be my mistake but I thought I got access to most all the forums on you're site as a customer. I have access to the street smart forum but am locked out of almost all other advice forums.
I have a 2007 zx14 with your brock sidewinder and was wondering if a quick access clutch cover would fit without any modifications to my pipe?
Quick access clutch cover with Sidewinder 
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