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What is the best oil and weight to run in my 1397 Hayabusa.
Does Brock's Performance provide Dry Nitrous Map Support?
2002 Hayabusa 1397. I have your piston kit, intake cam, exhaust cam, sidewinder. Also PC III USB, 10 inch over swingarm, 60hp shot wet nitrous. It has no air filter(block-off plate) and used as a track bike only. 1. What type of fuel do you rec? 2. Do you have a map available? 3. Should I run baffle or not? 4. What be proper gearing, I weigh 200 lbs? 5. I have a MRE lock-up, should I run your spring package as a baseline? 6. How much can you safely spray until you have to take timing out?
How much nitrous will my stock pistons take?
Nitrous to stock pistons 
Can I get 250 hp from my new BMW S1000RR when I race at the strip?
I run a GSX-R1000 K3 with one of your clutch cushion kits. My question is, can the cushion kit handle a 40 dry shot of nitrous?
I have a 2008 ZX-10R with nitrous oxide that makes 216 RWHP. Will removing the secondary butterflies give me a performance gain? Also, what can I do to the clutch setup to help achieve a better 60 foot time?
What is the biggest wet "shot" you would put on a ZX-14 with STOCK motor?
Biggest wet shot on stock engine 
I purchased your stage 2 kit for my H2 and my goal is to get the bike above 230mph. Was wondering what your opinion would be on putting a 60 shot nitrous system? Think it's to much for the motor? Also, would I benefit from an Ignition Module from Dynojet?
Ninja H2 and Nitrous 
I was planning to set up my 08 Busa exactly how I had my 03 because I was so happy with its performance. Stock motor, your mods, street pipe, 6" over arm, 16 42 gearing, 40 hp dry kit =9.0s @154 1.50s 60' (I weigh 220 in shorts) but with the new 08 (stroke) I'm unsure??? Any advice would be GREAT!
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