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Brock Flashed ECU ZX-14 (06-07)
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Brock Flashed ECU ZX-14 (06-07)

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Let Brock's Performance re-flash your stock Kawasaki ECU (Engine Control Unit) to our exacting specifications which will complement our Dynojet PCV mapping and exhaust system tuning.

Re-flash consists of (most models):

  • Elimination of high speed (300 KPH/186 MPH) limiter
  • Increased high RPM limit
  • Removal of servo code flash warning (some models)
  • Modified ignition timing (some models)
  • No fuel table modifications

To order, checkout online and send us your ECU freight prepaid and insured ($1000 declared value coverage recommended) to Brock’s Performance, 4064 E. Patterson Rd., Dayton, OH 45430. Please write your order number on the outside of the box. Please Note: For CLOSED COURSE RACE TRACK USE ONLY! ECU modifications will
void your factory warranty. Increased high RPM limits can induce additional strain which could lead to premature engine failure.
Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional information: Brock's Performance Terms and Conditions